Copper Alloy

KAWELL horseshoes reduce the impact of vibrations (an average of 8.53% every step) thanks to Shock Absolut, their built-in absorption capacity.

Another protective feature of our horseshoes is how they interact with the habitat of theanimal. Horses are always standing on straw or wood shavings dampened by their own organic emissions, which creates a perfect breeding ground for microorganisms that can cause rot and decay. Horseshoes made of KAWELL alloy naturally react chemically and produce copper salts, which have bactericidal and fungicidal properties that inhibit the proliferation of these bacteria and fungi. Doctor Mario Acuña Bravo, our consultant and a University of Chile veterinarian specializes in horseshoes, verified these attributes while directing the research leading to the implementation of our product.

The institutions involved in this research were the Center for the Investigation, Development and Innovation of Structures and Materials (IDIEM, by its Spanish name) and the Institute of Nutrition and Food Technology (INTA, by its Spanish name), both under the authority of the University of Chile and University Santiago of Chile, Center of  the Investigation of Materials. The department of Farriership of the Faculty of Veterinary and Animal Sciences of the University of Chile supported and consulted the whole investigation.

Benefits of the final product:

  • KAWELLUSA copper alloy horseshoes are therapeutic
  • Eliminates 99% of bacteria and fungus.
  • Decreases of costs associated to hoof damage over time.
  • High impact absorption, 8.53% every step.
  • Reduces low-intensity trauma.
  • 100% recyclable material.

Worldwide unique copper alloy (Patented in Chile and abroad).